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action - Property in NotPermittedException
actionAliases - Field in NavigationItem
activeNode - Property in NavigationTagLib
Return the current active navigation node, or the node specified by the path attribute
activePath - Property in NavigationTagLib
Return the current active path
add(NavigationItem) - Method in NavigationScope
addItem(NavigationScope, NavigationItem) - Method in Navigation
addItem(NavigationScope, NavigationItem) - Method in NavigationImpl
addItemFromArgs(String, Map, String) - Method in EventsImpl
addItemFromArgs(String, Map, NavigationScope, String) - Method in NavigationImpl
addMethod(String, Closure, String, Map) - Method in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
addValue(Object) - Method in EventReply
afterInsert(Author) - Method in SampleService
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher
APP_NAMESPACE - Property in EventsImpl
appContext - Property in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
appCtx - Property in InjectionBuilderArtefactTypeDelegate
applicationContext - Field in EventsImpl
applicationContext - Property in PluginConfigurationImpl
applicationContext - Property in SecurityImpl
applicationContext - Property in UiExtensions
applicationStartupInfo() - Method in PlatformCoreBootStrap
applicator - Property in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
apply() - Method in InjectionImpl
applyAppPluginConfiguration(ConfigObject) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Load plugin config settigns from PluginConfig.groovy and merge into main app config
applyConfig() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Take app config, merge in config from PluginConfig.groovy and then doWithConfig blocks, and validate the whole lot according to doWithConfigOptions
applyMethodsTo(Class, List) - Method in InjectionImpl
applyPluginConfigurationDefaultValuesAndConstraints() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Apply plugin-supplied config defaults for declared config values if values are missing and then validate
applyTo(Class) - Method in InjectionImpl
arguments - Property in DSLCallCommand
arguments - Property in DSLNamedArgsCallCommand
artefacts - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
attrIfSet - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
Write out an attribute and value only if the value is non-null
value Value of the attribute
name Name of the attribute i.e.
attrListOfItems(String, def, List) - Method in TagLibUtils
Convert a value of unknown type into a List of values.
attrSetOfItems(String, def, Set) - Method in TagLibUtils
Convert a value of unknown type into a Set of values.
attrsToString(Map) - Method in TagLibUtils
Convert a Map of attributes to a HTML attribute list String
attrsToTextScope(def) - Method in UiExtensionsTagLib
Author - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.test
Author() - Constructor in Author
author - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
authorEmail - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin


bean - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
beforeInsertAuthor(Author) - Method in SampleService
beforeInsertBook(EventMessage) - Method in SampleService
Book - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.test
Book() - Constructor in Book
build(Closure, ApplicationContext) - Method in InjectionBuilder
build() - Method in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
build(String, String, Closure) - Method in ListenerId
build(Closure, def) - Method in StandardDSLBuilder
buildEvent(String, String, String, def, Map) - Method in EventsImpl
button - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib


call() - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher.Callback
callTag - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
Allows a GSP to call another tag, passing it attributes at runtime without listing them in the GSP
cancel(boolean) - Method in EventReply
catchFlushExceptions - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
checkNamespace(def, def, def) - Method in EventsImpl
children - Property in DSLBlockCommand
children - Property in DSLNamedArgsBlockCommand
children - Field in NavigationScope
className - Field in ListenerId
clearCaches() - Method in NavigationImpl
clearCaches() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
clearEventDefinitions() - Method in EventsImpl
clearEvents(Class) - Method in EventsImpl
clearScopes() - Method in NavigationImpl
closure - Field in ClosureInvokingScript
CLOSURE_METHOD_NAME - Field in ListenerId
ClosureInvokingScript - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.util
Script to allow execution of an existing Closure as if it was a Script
ClosureInvokingScript(Closure) - Constructor in ClosureInvokingScript
code - Property in InjectedMethod
command - Property in UnsupportedDSLOperationException
compareTo(EventDefinition) - Method in EventDefinition
config - Property in SystemTagLib
ConfigBuilder - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.config
Builder for doWithConfig DSL
ConfigBuilder() - Constructor in ConfigBuilder
ConfigOptionsBuilder - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.config
Builder for the doWithConfigOptions DSL Supports simple method calls like this:
ConfigOptionsBuilder() - Constructor in ConfigOptionsBuilder
context - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
Conventions - Interface in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Public interface for convention evaluation and overrides
ConventionsImpl - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Bean that encapsulates the convention evaluation and overrides
ConventionsImpl() - Constructor in ConventionsImpl
convertTopic(Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport
convertTopic(Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport1X
convertTopic(Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport2X
copyFrom(def, List, Map) - Method in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
countListeners(String) - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry
countListeners(String) - Method in EventsRegistry
createLink(String) - Method in Security
Create a link to the specified security action
createLink(String) - Method in SecurityBridge
Create a link to the specified security action
createLink(String) - Method in SecurityImpl
Create a link to the specified security action
createLoginLink - Property in SecurityTagLib
createLogoutLink - Property in SecurityTagLib
createSignupLink - Property in SecurityTagLib


data - Field in EventMessage
data - Field in NavigationItem
declareControllerNode(Map) - Method in NavigationImpl
declaringPlugin - Property in InjectedMethod
DEFAULT_EXECUTOR - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
DefaultEventsClass - Class in
DefaultEventsClass(Class) - Constructor in DefaultEventsClass
DefaultEventsPublisher - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
DefaultEventsPublisher.Callback - Class in
DefaultEventsPublisher.Callback(EventMessage) - Constructor in DefaultEventsPublisher.Callback
DefaultEventsPublisher.WrappedFuture - Class in
DefaultEventsPublisher.WrappedFuture(Future, int) - Constructor in DefaultEventsPublisher.WrappedFuture
DefaultEventsPublisher() - Constructor in DefaultEventsPublisher
DefaultEventsRegistry - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
DefaultEventsRegistry.InvokeResult - Class in
DefaultEventsRegistry.InvokeResult(int, Object) - Constructor in DefaultEventsRegistry.InvokeResult
DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler - Class in
DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler(Object, Method, ListenerId) - Constructor in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
DefaultEventsRegistry() - Constructor in DefaultEventsRegistry
DefaultNavigationClass - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.navigation
DefaultNavigationClass(Class) - Constructor in DefaultNavigationClass
defaultValue - Property in PluginConfigurationEntry
definingPlugin - Property in EventDefinition
delegateMapLikeObject - Field in PropertyNamespacer
description - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
destroy - Property in PlatformCoreBootStrap
developers - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
disabled - Property in EventDefinition
discoverCodeBlockConventions(Class, Class, boolean) - Method in Conventions
Discovers all the code block conventions (i.e. controller actions) irrespective of underlying convention
discoverCodeBlockConventions(Class, Class, boolean) - Method in ConventionsImpl
Discover what convention code blocks the target class defines, used to identify pieces of code that must be called as a result of some convention-based stimulus - for example controller actions.
DISPLAY_MESSAGE_ARGS - Property in UiConstants
DISPLAY_MESSAGE_TYPE - Property in UiConstants
DISPLAY_MESSAGE - Property in UiConstants
displayFlashMessage(Map, String) - Method in UiExtensions
displayMessage(Map, String) - Method in UiExtensions
displayMessage - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
documentation - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
doWithApplicationContext - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
doWithConfig - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
doWithConfigOptions - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
doWithDynamicMethods - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
doWithInjection - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
This happens all the time, but dWWD may not have run if we're in a WAR
doWithWebDescriptor - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
This happens only when building app, or in dev
dslArgumentsToMap - Property in EventsImpl
DSLBlockCommand - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Encapsulate a DSL command that represents a nested block of commands
DSLBlockCommand() - Constructor in DSLBlockCommand
DSLCallCommand - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Encapsulate a DSL command that is a regular method invocation
DSLCallCommand() - Constructor in DSLCallCommand
DSLCommand - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Encapsulate a basic DSL comand
DSLCommand() - Constructor in DSLCommand
DSLEvaluator - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Evaluates a DSL and returns the command structure of it
DSLEvaluator() - Constructor in DSLEvaluator
DSLNamedArgsBlockCommand - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Encapsulate a DSL command that represents a nested block of commands
DSLNamedArgsBlockCommand() - Constructor in DSLNamedArgsBlockCommand
DSLNamedArgsCallCommand - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Encapsulate a DSL command that is a regular method invocation
DSLNamedArgsCallCommand() - Constructor in DSLNamedArgsCallCommand
DSLSetValueCommand - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Encapsulate a DSL command that sets a property value
DSLSetValueCommand() - Constructor in DSLSetValueCommand
DUMMY_TEXT - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
dummyText - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib


eachListener(Collection, Closure) - Method in EventsImpl
EMPTY - Property in TagLibUtils
enabled - Field in NavigationItem
enabledClosure - Field in NavigationItem
entries - Property in ConfigOptionsBuilder
equals(Object) - Method in ListenerId
evaluate(Closure) - Method in DSLEvaluator
event(EventMessage) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher
event - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher.Callback
event - Field in EventMessage
event(String, String, def, Map, Closure) - Method in Events
event(String, String, def, Map, Closure) - Method in EventsImpl
event(EventMessage) - Method in EventsPublisher
eventAsync(EventMessage, Map) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher
eventAsync(EventMessage, Map) - Method in EventsPublisher
EventDeclarationException - Class in
EventDeclarationException(String) - Constructor in EventDeclarationException
EventDefinition - Class in
EventDefinition() - Constructor in EventDefinition
eventDefinitions - Property in EventsImpl
EventException - Class in
EventException(Throwable) - Constructor in EventException
EventHandler - Interface in
@author Stephane Maldini
EventMessage - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
EventMessage(String, D, String, boolean, Map) - Constructor in EventMessage
EventReply - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
EventReply(Future, int) - Constructor in EventReply
Events - Interface in
EventsArtefactHandler - Class in
EventsArtefactHandler() - Constructor in EventsArtefactHandler
EventsClass - Interface in
EventsImpl - Class in
EventsImpl() - Constructor in EventsImpl
EventsPublisher - Interface in
@author Stephane Maldini
EventsRegistry - Interface in
@author Stephane Maldini
EventsUtils - Class in
Created with IntelliJ IDEA.
EventsUtils() - Constructor in EventsUtils
executeViewCallback(def, Closure) - Method in TagLibUtils
EXECUTOR - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
extractEntity(Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport
extractEntity(Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport1X
extractEntity(Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport2X


filterClass - Property in EventDefinition
filterClosure - Property in EventDefinition
filterEventMessage - Property in EventDefinition
filters - Property in PlatformCoreFilters
finalizeItems() - Method in NavigationScope
Called when all loading has been done, to sort all of the node lists
findAll(ListenerId) - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry
findAppPlugin(def) - Method in PluginUtils
Find the GrailsPlugin instance for this app, in the case you are run-app'ing a plugin
findArtefactBySimpleClassName(String, String) - Method in Conventions
findArtefactBySimpleClassName(String, String) - Method in ConventionsImpl
findNode(String) - Method in NavigationTagLib
findNodes(String) - Method in NavigationTagLib
findScopeForActivationPath(def) - Method in NavigationTagLib
firstActiveNode - Property in NavigationTagLib
Return the first node in the activation path specified, or based on current activation path @attr path Optional activation path
FLASH_WRAPPER_KEY - Property in UiExtensions
fork - Property in EventDefinition
FORK - Field in EventsPublisher
futureReply - Field in EventReply
futureReplyLoaded - Field in EventReply


get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in EventReply
get(Object) - Method in PropertyNamespacer
getActionAliases() - Method in NavigationItem
getActiveNode(def) - Method in NavigationImpl
getActivePath(def) - Method in Navigation
getActivePath(def) - Method in NavigationImpl
getActivePathWasAuto(def) - Method in NavigationImpl
getAllEntries() - Method in PluginConfiguration
Get information about all the declared plugin config variables
getAllEntries() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Get information about all the declared plugin config variables
getChildren() - Method in NavigationScope
getClassName() - Method in ListenerId
getData() - Method in EventMessage
getData() - Method in NavigationItem
Get any application-supplied data that was declared for this item Used for info like icon-names, alt text and so on - custom rendering usage
getDefaultControllerAction(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
getDefaultScope(def, def) - Method in NavigationImpl
getDisplayMessage(def) - Method in UiExtensions
getEnabledClosure() - Method in NavigationItem
getErrors() - Method in EventReply
getEvent() - Method in EventMessage
getEventDefinitions() - Method in Events
getEventsArtefactHandler() - Method in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
getFirstActiveNode(def) - Method in NavigationImpl
getFirstAncestor(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
getFirstNodeOfPath(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
getFullConfigKey() - Method in PluginConfigurationEntry
getHashCode() - Method in ListenerId
getHeaders() - Method in EventMessage
getId() - Method in NavigationScope
getInstance() - Method in PluginConfigurationFactory
getInvoked() - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry.InvokeResult
getLeafNode() - Method in NavigationItem
getLegacyConfigKey() - Method in PluginConfigurationEntry
getListenerId() - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
getListenerId() - Method in EventHandler
getMessageOrBody(Map, Closure) - Method in UiExtensionsTagLib
getMethodName() - Method in ListenerId
getName() - Method in NavigationScope
getNameOfDefiningPlugin(def, def) - Method in PluginUtils
Work out which Grails plugin (if any) defined the class of the object supplied
getNamespace() - Method in EventMessage
getNamespace() - Method in ListenerId
getNavigationArtefactHandler() - Method in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
getOnError() - Method in EventReply
getOrCreateScope(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
getOrder() - Method in NavigationItem
getPluginConfig(String) - Method in PluginConfiguration
Return the plugin-specific ConfigObject for the given plugin
getPluginConfig(String) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Return the plugin-specific ConfigObject for the given plugin
getPluginConfigFor(def) - Method in PluginConfiguration
Get pluginConfig for any object, determined by the plugin in which is was defined
getPluginConfigFor(def) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Get pluginConfig for any object, determined by the plugin in which is was defined
getPluginFlash(String) - Method in UiExtensions
getPluginName() - Method in EventsArtefactHandler
getPluginName() - Method in NavigationArtefactHandler
getPluginRequestAttributes(String) - Method in UiExtensions
getPluginSession(String) - Method in UiExtensions
getPrimaryScopeFor(def) - Method in NavigationImpl
getProviderName() - Method in SecurityBridge
Implementations must return the name of their security provider
getResult() - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry.InvokeResult
getRootScope() - Method in NavigationScope
getScopes() - Method in NavigationImpl
getSecurityBridge(boolean) - Method in SecurityImpl
getTitleDefault() - Method in NavigationItem
getTitleMessageCode() - Method in NavigationItem
getTopic() - Method in ListenerId
getUserIdentity() - Method in Security
Get user id string i.e.
getUserIdentity() - Method in SecurityBridge
Get user id string i.e.
getUserIdentity() - Method in SecurityImpl
Get user id string i.e.
getUserInfo() - Method in Security
Get user info object i.e. email address, other stuff defined by the security implementation
getUserInfo() - Method in SecurityBridge
Get user info object containing i.e. email address, other stuff defined by the security implementation
getUserInfo() - Method in SecurityImpl
Get user info object i.e. email address, other stuff defined by the security implementation
getValue() - Method in EventReply
getValues() - Method in EventReply
getVisibleClosure() - Method in NavigationItem
GORM_EVENT_PACKAGE - Field in GormBridgePublisher
GORM - Field in EventsPublisher
GORM_SOURCE - Property in GormTopicSupport
GormBridgePublisher - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
GormBridgePublisher() - Constructor in GormBridgePublisher
gormSession - Field in EventMessage
GormTopicSupport - Interface in
@author Stephane Maldini
GormTopicSupport1X - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
GormTopicSupport1X() - Constructor in GormTopicSupport1X
GormTopicSupport2X - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
GormTopicSupport2X() - Constructor in GormTopicSupport2X
gormTopicSupport - Field in GormBridgePublisher
grailsApplication - Property in ConventionsImpl
grailsApplication - Property in DSLEvaluator
grailsApplication - Property in EventsImpl
grailsApplication - Property in InjectionImpl
grailsApplication - Property in NavigationImpl
grailsApplication - Property in NavigationTagLib
grailsApplication - Property in PlatformCoreBootStrap
grailsApplication - Property in PlatformCoreFilters
grailsApplication - Property in PluginConfigurationImpl
grailsApplication - Property in SystemTagLib
grailsApplication - Property in ViewCallbackDelegate
grailsConventions - Property in NavigationImpl
grailsEvents - Field in GormBridgePublisher
grailsEvents - Property in PlatformToolsController
grailsEventsDispatcher - Property in SampleController
grailsEventsPublisher - Property in EventsImpl
grailsEventsRegistry - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
grailsEventsRegistry - Property in EventsImpl
grailsNavigation - Property in NavigationTagLib
grailsNavigation - Property in PlatformCoreBootStrap
grailsNavigation - Property in PlatformCoreFilters
grailsNavigation - Property in PlatformToolsController
grailsSecurity - Property in PlatformToolsController
grailsSecurity - Property in SecurityTagLib
grailsSecurityBridge - Property in SecurityImpl
grailsUiExtensions - Property in PlatformToolsController
grailsUiExtensions - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
grailsVersion - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin


hasErrors() - Method in EventReply
hashCode - Field in ListenerId
hasMany - Property in Book
hasNonControllerLinkArgs(Map) - Method in NavigationImpl
hasProvider() - Method in Security
hasProvider() - Method in SecurityImpl
headers - Field in EventMessage
HEADERS - Field in EventsPublisher


ID_CLASS_SEPARATOR - Field in ListenerId
ID_METHOD_SEPARATOR - Field in ListenerId
identity - Property in SecurityTagLib
ifLoggedIn - Property in SecurityTagLib
ifNotLoggedIn - Property in SecurityTagLib
ifNotPermitted - Property in SecurityTagLib
ifPermitted - Property in SecurityTagLib
ifUserHasRole(def, Closure) - Method in Security
ifUserHasRole(def, Closure) - Method in SecurityImpl
ifUserIsAllowed(def, def, Closure) - Method in Security
Can the current user access this object to perform the named action?
ifUserIsAllowed(def, def, Closure) - Method in SecurityImpl
Can the current user access this object to perform the named action?
index - Property in PlatformToolsController
index - Property in SampleController
info - Property in SecurityTagLib
init - Property in PlatformCoreBootStrap
initInjections() - Method in InjectionImpl
initPlatform(def) - Method in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
initValues(Object) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher.WrappedFuture
initValues(Object) - Method in EventReply
InjectedMethod - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.injection
Encapsulates a static method
InjectedMethod() - Constructor in InjectedMethod
injectedMethods - Property in EventsImpl
injectedMethods - Property in PluginConfigurationImpl
injectedMethods - Property in SecurityImpl
injectedMethods - Property in UiExtensions
Injection - Interface in org.grails.plugin.platform.injection
InjectionBuilder - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.injection
Supports simple DSL for adding methods to classes
InjectionBuilder() - Constructor in InjectionBuilder
InjectionBuilderArtefactTypeDelegate - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.injection
Supports simple DSL for adding methods to classes
InjectionBuilderArtefactTypeDelegate(Map, def) - Constructor in InjectionBuilderArtefactTypeDelegate
InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.injection
Supports simple DSL for adding methods to classes
InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate(Class, def, Closure, def) - Constructor in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
InjectionImpl - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.injection
InjectionImpl() - Constructor in InjectionImpl
injectionsByArtefactType - Property in InjectionImpl
inScope(NavigationScope) - Method in NavigationItem
instance - Field in PluginConfigurationFactory
invoke(EventMessage) - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
invokeCallback(Closure, def) - Method in NavigationItem
invoked - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry.InvokeResult
invokeListeners(EventMessage) - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry
isCancelled() - Method in EventReply
isDone() - Method in EventReply
isEnabled(def) - Method in NavigationItem
isGormSession() - Method in EventMessage
isSuccess() - Method in EventReply
issueManagement - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
isUseEventMessage() - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
isUseEventMessage() - Method in EventHandler
isVisible(def) - Method in NavigationItem
items - Property in NavigationTagLib


joinClasses - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib


key - Property in PluginConfigurationEntry
keyPrefix - Field in PropertyNamespacer
keySet() - Method in PropertyNamespacer
keySetMethodName - Field in PropertyNamespacer


label - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
legacyPluginConfigurationEntries - Field in PluginConfigurationImpl
legacyPrefix - Property in ConfigOptionsBuilder
legacyPrefix - Property in PluginConfigurationEntry
license - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
LINK_TAG_ATTRIBUTES - Property in NavigationImpl
linkArgs - Field in NavigationItem
Listener - Annotation Type in
@author Stephane Maldini
ListenerId - Class in
@author Stephane Maldini
listenerId - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
ListenerId(String, String, String, String, String) - Constructor in ListenerId
listeners - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry
loadAfter - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
loadBefore - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
loadConfigurationOptions() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Load up all the doWithConfigOptions metadata
loadControllers() - Method in NavigationImpl
Load the available controller actions and if no declaration exists already, auto-register them in the navigation system.
loadDSL() - Method in EventsImpl
loadDSL() - Method in NavigationImpl
loadPluginConfig() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
lockChildren() - Method in NavigationScope
log - Property in ConventionsImpl
log - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
log - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry
log - Property in DSLEvaluator
log - Field in EventsImpl
log - Field in GormBridgePublisher
log - Property in InjectionImpl
log - Property in NavigationImpl
log - Property in PluginConfigurationImpl
log - Property in SecurityImpl
log - Property in StandardDSLBuilder
log - Property in TagLibUtils
log - Property in UiExtensions
loginButton - Property in SecurityTagLib
logoutButton - Property in SecurityTagLib


makePath(List, String) - Method in NavigationImpl
mappings - Property in PlatformCoreUrlMappings
mappings - Property in UrlMappings
matches(ListenerId) - Method in ListenerId
matchesDefinition(String, Method, Class) - Method in EventsImpl
matchesNamespace(String, String, boolean) - Method in ListenerId
matchesTopic(String, String, boolean) - Method in ListenerId
menu - Property in NavigationTagLib
Render a menu for a given scope and path
scope Optional scope to render menu for.
mergeConfigs(ConfigObject, ConfigObject) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Merge new into old, working around the problems with merging ConfigObjects that already have values or already have empty nodes in the old one
mergeDoWithConfig() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Load cross-plugin doWithConfig configuration and merge into main app config
method - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
methodMissing(String, def) - Method in ConfigBuilder
methodMissing(String, def) - Method in ConfigOptionsBuilder
methodMissing(String, def) - Method in InjectionBuilderArtefactTypeDelegate
methodMissing(String, def) - Method in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
methodMissing(String, def) - Method in StandardDSLDelegate
methodName - Field in ListenerId
migrateLegacyConfigValues(boolean) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Find any config values that start with legacy prefixes from doWithConfigOptions and copy them into the correct plugin namespace so that plugins only need to check the new location
model - Property in ViewCallbackDelegate


name - Property in Author
name - Property in DSLCommand
name - Property in InjectedMethod
name - Field in NavigationScope
namespace - Property in EventDefinition
namespace - Field in EventMessage
NAMESPACE - Field in EventsPublisher
namespace - Field in Listener
@default ""
namespace - Field in ListenerId
namespace - Property in NavigationTagLib
namespace - Property in PlatformTagLib
namespace - Property in SecurityTagLib
namespace - Property in SystemTagLib
namespace - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
NAMESPACE_WILDCARD - Field in ListenerId
Navigation - Interface in org.grails.plugin.platform.navigation
This is the public documented API of the grailsNavigation bean.
NavigationArtefactHandler - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.navigation
NavigationArtefactHandler() - Constructor in NavigationArtefactHandler
NavigationClass - Interface in org.grails.plugin.platform.navigation
NavigationImpl - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.navigation
Bean that encapsulates the navigation structure of the entire application
NavigationImpl() - Constructor in NavigationImpl
NavigationItem - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.navigation
Immutable encapsulation of an item in the navigation structure Instances of this are shared globally and available to requests so this must be immutable and threadsafe
NavigationItem(Map) - Constructor in NavigationItem
NavigationScope - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.navigation
Immutable encapsulation of a node in the navigation structure Instances of this are shared globally and available to requests so this must be immutable and threadsafe
NavigationScope(Map) - Constructor in NavigationScope
navigationScope - Property in SampleController
NavigationTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform
@todo TEST impl custom on nav:menu/breadcrumb
NavigationTagLib() - Constructor in NavigationTagLib
newUniqueId(def) - Method in TagLibUtils
Generate a request-unique id
noArgs - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
NODE_PATH_SEPARATOR - Property in NavigationScope
nodeForControllerAction(String, String) - Method in NavigationImpl
nodeForId(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
nodesByControllerAction - Property in NavigationImpl
nodesById - Property in NavigationImpl
nodesForPath(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
NotPermittedException - Class in
NotPermittedException(def, def) - Constructor in NotPermittedException


observe - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
/*.groovy", "grails-app/controllers/org/grails/plugin/platform/test/*
on(String, String, Object, Method) - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry
ON_ERROR - Field in EventsPublisher
on(String, String, Closure) - Method in EventsRegistry
ON_REPLY - Field in EventsPublisher
onApplicationEvent(ApplicationEvent) - Method in GormBridgePublisher
onChange - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
onConfigChange - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
onError - Property in EventDefinition
onError - Field in EventReply
onReply - Property in EventDefinition
order - Field in NavigationItem
organization - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
organization - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
othersAttributes - Property in EventDefinition


parent - Property in NavigationScope
parse(String) - Method in ListenerId
parseConfigClosure(Closure) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Take a Closure and use it as config, returns a ConfigObject
parseDSL(List, String) - Method in EventsImpl
Receives a graph of DSL commend objects and creates the necessary namespaces and items
parseDSL(List, NavigationScope, String) - Method in NavigationImpl
Receives a graph of DSL commend objects and creates the necessary scopes and items
persistenceInterceptor - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
PlatformCoreBootStrap - Class in PlatformCoreBootStrap
PlatformCoreBootStrap() - Constructor in PlatformCoreBootStrap
PlatformCoreFilters - Class in PlatformCoreFilters
PlatformCoreFilters() - Constructor in PlatformCoreFilters
PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin - Class in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin() - Constructor in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
PlatformCoreUrlMappings - Class in PlatformCoreUrlMappings
PlatformCoreUrlMappings() - Constructor in PlatformCoreUrlMappings
PlatformException - Class in grails.platform
PlatformException(Throwable) - Constructor in PlatformException
platformInitialized - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
PlatformTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform
PlatformTagLib() - Constructor in PlatformTagLib
PlatformToolsController - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.controllers
PlatformToolsController() - Constructor in PlatformToolsController
PLUGIN_CONFIG_CLASS - Property in PluginConfigurationImpl
plugin - Property in PluginConfigurationEntry
PluginConfiguration - Interface in org.grails.plugin.platform.config
Public interface for the Plugin Configuration API
pluginConfigurationEntries - Field in PluginConfigurationImpl
PluginConfigurationEntry - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.config
Bean for holding a single plugin config metadata
PluginConfigurationEntry() - Constructor in PluginConfigurationEntry
PluginConfigurationFactory - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.config
This is really ugly hack to allow us to init before spring context is done.
PluginConfigurationFactory() - Constructor in PluginConfigurationFactory
PluginConfigurationImpl - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.config
Bean for declaring and accessing plugin config
PluginConfigurationImpl() - Constructor in PluginConfigurationImpl
pluginExcludes - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
pluginManager - Property in PluginConfigurationImpl
pluginManager - Property in SystemTagLib
pluginName - Property in ConfigOptionsBuilder
PluginUtils - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.util
PluginUtils() - Constructor in PluginUtils
prettyItem(def) - Method in PlatformTagLib
prettyPrint - Property in PlatformTagLib
primary - Property in NavigationTagLib
Render a primary navigation menu
path Optional activation path.
processCancel(Object, Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport
processCancel(Object, Object) - Method in GormTopicSupport1X
processCancel(Object, def) - Method in GormTopicSupport2X
processEventsDefinition(EventMessage, Map) - Method in EventsImpl
propertyMissing(String) - Method in PropertyNamespacer
propertyMissing(String, def) - Method in StandardDSLDelegate
propertyMissing(String) - Method in ViewCallbackDelegate
Return a predefined property or bean from the context
PropertyNamespacer - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.util
Provides read/write access to a Map, automatically namespacing all keys to provide a safe scoped access to an existing Map-like object
PropertyNamespacer(String, def, String) - Constructor in PropertyNamespacer
props - Property in ViewCallbackDelegate
proxySupport - Field in Listener
@default false
put(Object, Object) - Method in PropertyNamespacer


QUEUE_EXECUTOR - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher


realizeLinkArguments(String, Map, NavigationScope) - Method in NavigationImpl
receivers - Field in EventReply
register(Closure) - Method in Injection
register(Closure) - Method in InjectionBuilderArtefactTypeDelegate
register(Closure) - Method in InjectionImpl
Call to apply an injection DSL to artefacts of the application, automatically at startup and reload
registerControllerActions(String, Class, String) - Method in NavigationImpl
Auto-register controller actions, returning the parent (default/primary) item
registerEvents(Closure) - Method in EventsImpl
registerHandler(Object, Method, String, String) - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry
registerInjection(String, Closure) - Method in Injection
registerInjection(String, Closure) - Method in InjectionImpl
registerListeners(Collection) - Method in EventsImpl
registerNavigation(Closure) - Method in Navigation
registerNavigation(Closure) - Method in NavigationImpl
reload(Class) - Method in NavigationImpl
reload() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
reloadAll() - Method in NavigationImpl
reloadListener(Class) - Method in EventsImpl
reloadListeners() - Method in EventsImpl
remove(NavigationItem) - Method in NavigationScope
removeListeners(String) - Method in DefaultEventsRegistry
removeListeners(String) - Method in EventsRegistry
REQUEST_WRAPPER_KEY - Property in UiExtensions
requirePermission(def, def, Closure) - Method in Security
Run the closure if userIsAllowed returns true for the object and action otherwise throw exception
requirePermission(def, def, Closure) - Method in SecurityImpl
Run the closure if userIsAllowed returns true for the object and action otherwise throw exception
requiresBean - Property in SystemTagLib
requiresReply - Property in EventDefinition
reset() - Method in InjectionImpl
resolveTagName(String) - Method in TagLibUtils
Resolve a tag string of the form x:yyyyy into a tag namespace and tag name, with optional no-namespacing for implicit g: tags
result - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry.InvokeResult
results - Property in InjectionBuilderArtefactTypeDelegate
results - Property in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
returnObjectForTags - Property in NavigationTagLib
returnObjectForTags - Property in SecurityTagLib
returnObjectForTags - Property in SystemTagLib
returnObjectForTags - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
rootScopes - Property in NavigationImpl
run() - Method in ClosureInvokingScript


safeConfigMerge(Map, Map) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Copies values from other into config, only if no value already exists in config Impl works around bug with other containing empty ConfigObject that obliterate non-Map valus in config
SampleController - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.test
SampleController() - Constructor in SampleController
sampleHella(def) - Method in SampleService
sampleHello(def) - Method in SampleService
SampleService - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.test
sampleService - Property in SampleController
SampleService() - Constructor in SampleService
scm - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
scopeByName(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
scopeForActivationPath - Property in NavigationTagLib
Return the name of the root scope of the supplied or default activation path @attr path Optional activation path
score - Property in EventDefinition
secondary - Property in NavigationTagLib
Render the secondary navigation menu
path Optional activation path.
secured - Property in EventDefinition
Security - Interface in
Bean for registering and accessing security information
security - Property in PlatformToolsController
SecurityBridge - Interface in
Interface that plugin must implement to provide security information
SecurityImpl - Class in
Bean for registering and accessing security information
SecurityImpl() - Constructor in SecurityImpl
SecurityTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform
SecurityTagLib() - Constructor in SecurityTagLib
SESSION_WRAPPER_KEY - Property in UiExtensions
set - Property in NavigationTagLib
Set a value on the current request.
setActivePath(def, String) - Method in Navigation
setActivePath(def, String) - Method in NavigationImpl
setActivePathFromRequest(def, def, def) - Method in NavigationImpl
Attempt to location the current request's controller and action in the nav graph, looking in "app" scope first, then other scopes If found, the id of that node becomes our active path
setActivePathWasAuto(def, boolean) - Method in NavigationImpl
setApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher
setApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in SecurityImpl
setCallingError(Throwable) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher.WrappedFuture
setCatchFlushExceptions(boolean) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher
setClassName(String) - Method in ListenerId
setConfigValueByPath(String, def, boolean) - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Set an app config value using a full string path key
setDefaultScope(def, String) - Method in NavigationImpl
setGormTopicSupport(GormTopicSupport) - Method in GormBridgePublisher
setGrailsApplication(GrailsApplication) - Method in EventsImpl
setGrailsEvents(Events) - Method in GormBridgePublisher
setGrailsEventsRegistry(DefaultEventsRegistry) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher
setHashCode(String) - Method in ListenerId
setMethodName(String) - Method in ListenerId
setNamespace(String) - Method in ListenerId
setOnError(Closure) - Method in EventReply
setOrder(Integer) - Method in NavigationItem
setPersistenceInterceptor(PersistenceContextInterceptor) - Method in DefaultEventsPublisher
setReceivers(int) - Method in EventReply
setTopic(String) - Method in ListenerId
showEvents - Property in PlatformToolsController
showNavigation - Property in PlatformToolsController
showPluginConfig - Property in PlatformToolsController
showUiExtensions - Property in PlatformToolsController
signupButton - Property in SecurityTagLib
siteLink - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
siteName - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
siteURL - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
size() - Method in EventReply
smartLink - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
softLoadClass(String) - Method in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
splitPath(String) - Method in NavigationImpl
StandardDSLBuilder - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Builder that evaluates a DSL Closure and produces a structure representing the method calls and property access, with child nodes for methods taking a closure
StandardDSLBuilder() - Constructor in StandardDSLBuilder
StandardDSLDelegate - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
Builder that evaluates a DSL Closure and produces a structure representing the method calls and property access, with child nodes for methods taking a closure
StandardDSLDelegate(List) - Constructor in StandardDSLDelegate
staticMethod - Property in InjectedMethod
SUFFIX - Field in EventsArtefactHandler
SUFFIX - Field in NavigationArtefactHandler
SystemTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform
SystemTagLib() - Constructor in SystemTagLib


tagDemo - Property in PlatformTagLib
TagLibUtils - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.util
TagLibUtils() - Constructor in TagLibUtils
target - Property in NotPermittedException
targetArtefact - Property in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
targetClass - Property in InjectionBuilderMethodDelegate
taskExecutors - Field in DefaultEventsPublisher
testEvent() - Method in SampleService
testInlineListener - Property in SampleController
testLoad - Property in SampleController
testRemoveListeners - Property in SampleController
testSave - Property in SampleController
text - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
Get i18n text string, like g:message but with some attrib changes and code namespaced by plugin that declared GSP Attributes:
code The i18n code
@attr args The i18n args (optional)
textScope - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
Set the scope of p:text i18n codes for the duration of this request Used by GSPs in apps that override plugin GSPs, or just to scope all the i18n safely in an scenario
thisYear - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib
throwError() - Method in EventReply
timeout - Property in EventDefinition
TIMEOUT - Field in EventsPublisher
title - Property in Book
title - Property in NavigationTagLib
Render the i18n title of a navigation item
item The navigation item (instance of NavigationItem)
codec Optional codec to apply.
title - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
titleDefault - Field in NavigationItem
titleMessageCode - Field in NavigationItem
toMap() - Method in PropertyNamespacer
topic - Property in EventDefinition
topic - Field in Listener
@default ""
topic - Field in ListenerId
toString() - Method in ListenerId
toString() - Method in PropertyNamespacer
toStringWithoutHash() - Method in ListenerId
transactional - Property in SampleService
translateTable - Property in GormTopicSupport2X
TYPE - Field in EventsArtefactHandler
TYPE - Field in NavigationArtefactHandler
type - Property in PluginConfigurationEntry


UiConstants - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.ui
UiConstants() - Constructor in UiConstants
UiExtensions - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.ui
Helper methods for common UI features
UiExtensions() - Constructor in UiExtensions
UiExtensionsTagLib - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform
UiExtensionsTagLib() - Constructor in UiExtensionsTagLib
uiOverlay - Property in PlatformTagLib
unproxy(Object) - Method in EventsUtils
UnsupportedDSLOperationException - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.conventions
UnsupportedDSLOperationException(String, DSLCommand) - Constructor in UnsupportedDSLOperationException
updateCaches() - Method in NavigationImpl
updateCachesForItem(NavigationItem) - Method in NavigationImpl
updateSortOrder() - Method in NavigationImpl
UrlMappings - Class in UrlMappings
UrlMappings() - Constructor in UrlMappings
useEventMessage - Field in DefaultEventsRegistry.ListenerHandler
userExists(def) - Method in Security
Determine whether a user with the given id already exists or not
userExists(def) - Method in SecurityBridge
Determine whether a user with the given id already exists or not
userExists(def) - Method in SecurityImpl
Determine whether a user with the given id already exists or not
userHasAllRoles(def) - Method in Security
Test if the user has all the listed roles
userHasAllRoles(def) - Method in SecurityImpl
Test if the user has all the listed roles
userHasAnyRole(def) - Method in Security
Test if the user has any of the listed roles
userHasAnyRole(def) - Method in SecurityImpl
Test if the user has any of the listed roles
userHasRole(def) - Method in SecurityBridge
Return true if the current logged in user has the specified role
userIsAllowed(def, def) - Method in Security
Can the current user access this object to perform the named action?
userIsAllowed(def, def) - Method in SecurityBridge
Can the current user access this object to perform the named action?
userIsAllowed(def, def) - Method in SecurityImpl
Can the current user access this object to perform the named action?


validator - Property in PluginConfigurationEntry
value - Property in DSLSetValueCommand
value - Field in EventReply
values - Field in EventReply
valueToGroovy(def, boolean) - Method in TagLibUtils
verifyConfig() - Method in PluginConfigurationImpl
Warn the user if any plugin.x config exists that is not declared by a plugin
version - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
ViewCallbackDelegate - Class in org.grails.plugin.platform.util
ViewCallbackDelegate(def, def, Map) - Constructor in ViewCallbackDelegate
visible - Field in NavigationItem
visibleClosure - Field in NavigationItem


waitFor(long) - Method in EventReply
waitFor(long, TimeUnit, EventReply) - Method in Events
waitFor(EventReply) - Method in EventsImpl
warning(String, String) - Method in TagLibUtils
watchedResources - Property in PlatformCoreGrailsPlugin
withUser(def, Closure) - Method in Security
Execute the closure pretending to be the user id specified
withUser(def, Closure) - Method in SecurityBridge
Execute code masquerading as the specified user, for the duration of the Closure block
withUser(def, Closure) - Method in SecurityImpl
Execute the closure pretending to be the user id specified



year - Property in UiExtensionsTagLib



__log - Property in StandardDSLDelegate
__newBlock(String, def, Closure) - Method in StandardDSLDelegate
__results - Field in StandardDSLDelegate
_applicationConfig - Property in ConfigBuilder
_pluginConfigs - Property in ConfigBuilder

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