(Quick Reference)



Defines the <body> of a Theme layout.

This is a shortcut for rendering the <body> tag of a page including any Sitemesh attributes to decorate the body with, and will also automatically call Resources <r:layoutResources/> for the "defer" disposition.

Inside the body your theme layout will typically add some structural markup and use <theme:layoutZone> to render the various content zones inside your markup.

You do not need to use this tag to define a theme layout's body - but if you do not you must remember to call the r:layoutResources tag at the end of the body to render the deferred Resources of the page.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <theme:layoutZone name="navigation"/>
        <theme:layoutZone name="user-navigation"/>
        <theme:layoutZone name="body"/>
        <theme:layoutZone name="footer"/>


bodyAttrsNoMap of attributes to add to body tag, or list of attribute names to copy from Sitemesh body properties