(Quick Reference)



Defines the <head> of a Theme layout.

This is a shortcut for rendering the <head> tag of a page, along with all the resource management.

It automatically renders:

  • the opening and closing <head> tag
  • the page titleĀ (using <theme:layoutHTMLTitle/>)
  • resource dependencies of the theme (using <r:layoutResources/>)
  • the body of this theme:head tag - any extra body details you supply
  • the <head> section from the GSP page being rendered

It does all these things in the correct order to ensure that Resources render correctly.

You do not need to use this tag to define a theme layout's head - but if you do not you must remember to call the r:layoutResources tag at the correct point in the head, after calling the resources Theme tag to include all the Theme's required resources.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta name="extra-incantation" content="abracadabra"/>