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This tag renders an HTML table heading cell.

It makes it easy to provide localized text for the heading, and also gives the UI Set the opportunity to add other decoration or functionality like sorting.

This supports i18n of the heading out of the box, and allows UI Sets to add special markup for column headings, such as sortable lists icons.


        <ui:th text="table.id"/>
        <ui:th text="table.artist"/>
        <ui:th text="table.title"/>
        <ui:th text="table.genre"/>
    <g:each in="${1..10}" var="i">
        <td>Farmers Market</td>
        <td>Slav To Rhythm</td>
        <td colspan="4">This final row is ${row}</td>


text If specified, will be used as the text content for the cell, translated using i18n message bundle if found
textArgs Used as the arguments for the "text" i18n message if used.

All other attributes are passed through.